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PKR 4,660

An arrangement prepared in a box with fresh chrysanthemums, gladiolus, baby’s breath & assorted chocolates including 3 dairy milk bars and 6 pieces of Ferrero RochersA small teddy bear is arranged artfully with latex balloons...

PKR 1,850

Includes 8 assorted chocolate bars including Mars, Snickers, Bountry, Kitkat & Dairy Milk

PKR 2,450

A beautifully decorated basket that includes 2 Snickers, 2 Mars, 2 Bounty, 1 Twix & 2 packs of Oreo biscuits

PKR 9,500

This awesome gift basket includes a large box of Ferrero Rochers (24 pieces), 2 packs Doritos, 1 pack of Snickers miniature, 2 Hersheys bars, 2 Twix bars, 1 Nutella jar, a small stuffed Teddy Bear...

PKR 3,300

Beautifully decorated gift basket including 4 Dairy Milk, 2 Mars, 2 Snickers, 2 Bounty & 2 Twix bars

PKR 2,550

A gift basket including 4 Dairy Milk bars, 2 packs of Oreo, 2 Kitkat bars, 1 Mars and 2 bars of snickers. The basket is hand delivered after being wrapped with transparent sheet or net...

PKR 9,900

A fascinating heart shaped gift basket with 24 pieces box of Ferrero Rochers, a pack of Hershey's Kisses, 2 Doritos, 3 packs of MnMs, 2 Kitkat bars, a Pringles box, 1 stuffed Teddy Bear and...

PKR 16,500

Beautifully decorate large basket (18 inches in diameter) that Includes 1 pack of Mars miniatures, 1 pack of Snickers miniatures, 1 box of 24 pieces Ferrero Rochers, 1 box of Danish biscuits, 1 box of...

PKR 4,400

Includes a pack of Mars miniatures, 2 bars of Twix, 6 pieces of Ferrero Rochers and a small Teddy Bear

PKR 9,500

1 pack of Snickers miniature, 16 pieces box of Ferrero Rochers, 2 Hershey's bars, Delight chocolate chip cookies, 2 packs of Doritos, 2 packs of Lays, a Teddy Bear and 6 pieces of Ferrero Rochers...

PKR 5,800

An arrangement prepared with assorted chocolate bars including 4 kitkat, 4 snickers, 2 mars, 2 bounty, 4 dairy milk in a hot air balloon style with an option to have a customized message written on...

PKR 4,800

A hot air balloon box arrangement prepared with 16 pieces of Ferrero Rochers and a customized message sticker

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